Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Team Has Arrived in India!

This is Sami, Jack's wife. The team has landed in Chennai and after a somewhat lengthy process of getting all their luggage, left the airport and are all now getting some much deserved sleep! Jack said everyone was well and that the team was in good spirits!


  1. So glad you've all arrived safely. Praying for you as you bring "up there, down here" to India!

  2. Happy to hear you've landed safely, can't wait to read all about the trip. Praying for all of you.

    -Allison Reynolds =)

  3. I look forward to everyday with excitement at the prospect of what our team is bringing to you Stephanie:)

  4. Captain America? and team
    Just a note to wish you all well. Kevin and I are serving at home base this weekend. Those of us you left behind are all a little jealous.
    Praying for the team, have a great journey.
    See you soon....Janet and Kevin

  5. Way to go team!!!! I am praying for all of you as you shine Jesus.

    Sway - Jordan and I thought of you this morning as we had brunch at Uptown. We wish we were with you. Love you and praying for you. Enjoy the pen!


  6. Nancy T. and all the rest! Praying for you all as you bring the love of Christ into India!
    M. Bennett

  7. Hey Dad and Judy.. I'm glad to hear you arrived safely! I'll be praying for you and the team!!!
    I love you both very much!

  8. Praying for your protection and safety as you show India the love of Jesus. Jessie and Nate, I am praying that you will feel the love and prayers of all of us back home. I love you guys!

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  10. Kelly, Thanks for letting me know that you are well. I told the rest of the family. I'm praying that you will be able to draw from God's strength. Love you!

  11. Kelly,
    Love you with all my heart. Am praying continuously for you and for the mission.
    My bible study group is praying also.
    I am proud of your desire to serve.

  12. Judy and Kevin,

    God is holding you in his hands. Shine the light of Jesus and touch the lives of all~

    Love you,

    Jan and Bruce

  13. You guys rock!!! I hope y'all are well and feeling great!! Praying for you! Enjoy Kalavai!
    Jenn Price

  14. So glad you made it there safely! I'm continuing to pray for safe travels and that every single one of you shine Jesus to the people of India.

    Someone near J Aquila: give him a BIG squeeze and tell him that his wife loves him.

    - Angie Aquila

  15. I'm praying for you all!
    Can't wait to hear all the stories...
    I miss you Dustin Maust!
    I love you a lot.
    Brinn :)

  16. Thinking of you Judy and Kevin - know your mission is being completed as all the prayers
    are uplifting your team....we pray for your
    safety there and in the air - God Bless! jan & denny keck