Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Teams are in the Village!

This is Sami, Jack's wife again! I just talked to Jack and he asked me to share the following with you:
  • They haven't had internet access yet, but hope to begin posting tomorrow.
  • Aside from some minor tummy trouble, which is settling down, the team is in good health and great spirits.
  • Our friends from LifeChurch are doing well and all have enjoyed the interaction with them.
  • He wishes you all could have seen the welcome the team got when they arrived in Kalavai! You'd have thought India's most popular rock band was on the bus! They were mobbed by smiling faces and given hugs and flowers as they climbed off! The village had pooled its money and bought a huge banner to welcome the team and had also drawn a giant, chalk greeting across the road at the entrance of the village!!
  • The team got their tents set up just as dusk was falling and everyone settled in for the night.
  • They start in at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast and devotions and then will get to work with their specific teams!
  • Jack had planned to surprise the team with Starbucks coffee in the mornings by taking a coffee pot and several bags of coffee, but was foiled by voltage issues when they plugged it in! There will be plenty of hot chai, though! : )
  • Friendly village faces ("Miss Lily", Kassi, Monjou, etc.) have asked to convey greetings to former team members and friends!
  • Jack is looking forward to being able to post pictures and experiences for you all!


  1. Hope somebody is taking video footage - how humbled you all must have been to have been welcomed in such a fashion!!!! Can't wait to hear team updates and see are all constantly on our hearts. "The Gathering" at GCC-Elkhart tonight was amazing - reminding me that God is so alive and everpresent, and that he is writing His story though each of us everyday. May HIS love shine through each of you today. Love you Chica & Tater!!!!

  2. Here is a link to some pictures that Kevin Penry, from Life Church, had taken.